Friday, 9 March 2012

ex boyfriends~

hurmm...talking about is really complicated...4 surely klau kte xsygkn ex kte 2,msti kte snang jea lpekan dier..but if kte syg dier,msti ssh gler nk lperkn dier..especially klau tgk dier da ad org lain...msti rse sdih sgt...msti kite slalu buat mcm2 pkra tok lpekn dier kn...but still xleh lpe...this thing is now really bother my head..i just cant stop thinking bout him...i just feel that,even i'm no longer wif him,but i still feel that he belongs to me even tho that things is absolutely not gonna be true,even in my dreams...i keep search something that i can make as a thing that can make me feel hate towards him..but still i cant lie to my feelings...i just feel that nobody can make me feel happy like him..i'm such a sad girl...ijuz keep pray to Allah,...hoping that i will forget bout him soOn....theres no benefit thinking bout smeone who doesnt care bout us at all.....honestly...i miss him....

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